A Lolly to make you Jolly!

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 The Cape Town ice-cream sellers are legendary.


When you are on one of Cape Town’s poster beaches, the melody of “a LOLLY to make you JOLLY, a SUCKER to keep you WAKKER" is part of the theme tune of the city.

These guys are not just entrepreneur extroaidnairs, they are lyrical geniuses and have been putting smiles on our faces with their brilliantly curated one-liners for as long as we can remember! 

As a company who wants to do our part to give back and help support local entrepreneurs, ThisGuy Eyewear team up with Granadilla Swim and Yoco to help take the lolly sellers' on Clifton to the next level!

Along with the shorts Granadilla has been giving away for years, we handed over  45 pairs of our stylish polarized wooden sunglasses to help the lolly sellers look stylish while peddling their wares!

The legends at Yoco took this one step further and handed over their handheld card readers to make sure that you can always pay for your delicious lollies!

Click on the image below to check out a video on the giveaway:






Hello Camper!

Our elves in the ThisGuy factory are taking a very well-earned break for the festive season, and will be back in action on the 6th January 2020! We are still taking orders, but all deliveries will be pushed in to the new year. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us