Inspired by the beautiful trees of Africa, our Mowana collection combines the highest quality woods with our amazing polarized lenses to provide you with our most luxurious and stylish collection yet.


"Mowana" is the Tswana name for the mighty Baobab, the tree that is depicted in our logo and the inspiration behind our brand. In turn, each of the Mowana sunglasses has been named for one of Africa's magnificent trees!


Mgunga | The iconic Acacia

Umganu | The famous (or infamous) Marula

umKhamba | The mysterious and wonderful Paper Bark

Motswiri | The mighty leadwood

Mooka | The beautiful quiver tree


Hello Camper!

Our elves in the ThisGuy factory are taking a very well-earned break for the festive season, and will be back in action on the 6th January 2020! We are still taking orders, but all deliveries will be pushed in to the new year. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us