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People often ask the team at ThisGuy why we are so adamant about only putting polarized lenses on our wooden sunglasses. The short answer is simple: Polarized lenses make the world a more beautiful place! Colours are more intense and your vision becomes sharper and more clear with our sunglasses on.


They are also much better for your eyes! Polarized lenses significantly reduce glare which, with unpolarized lenses, causes your pupils to dilate and take in more of the harmful UV rays – these are as dangerous for your eyes as they are for your skin! Our ThisGuy wooden sunglasses also have UV400 protection, so we offer you double the protection for our sweet sweet low prices :)


Polarised Vs Non-polarised Comparison


But how do polarized lenses work?


Polarized light is a concentration of light waves moving in the same direction and along the same plane, i.e. vertical or horizontal. The harmful glare light is specifically caused by light waves which are scattered and create light moving in the horizontal plane – such as light bouncing off a lake.


Polarized lenses have an embedded chemical film in which the molecules are physically lined up to create “slots” through which light can pass. Picture a Venetian blind hanging in front of a window on a sunny day –  the blinds will block all the light except which can pass through the openings.



The lenses on our wooden sunglasses have slots which allow predominantly the vertical light through, eradicating the majority of the harmful glare lighting and creating that beautiful richly colourful world which we all love when wearing our ThisGuy sunglasses.


How to test if a lens is polarized or not?

Easy! Hold your ThisGuy wooden sunglasses up to a screen (computer or will work) and rotate them around 60° - they should get darker as you rotate them J

Hello Camper!

Our elves in the ThisGuy factory are taking a very well-earned break for the festive season, and will be back in action on the 6th January 2020! We are still taking orders, but all deliveries will be pushed in to the new year. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us